in freeplay mode (the menus), enjoy just running around and exploring the map:
use WASD or the arrow keys to move, then return to the menu by moving the mouse
or hitting ESC.

in singleplayer survival, avoid the goblins for as the long as possible.
collect green dots to boost your score.

in multiplayer competitive, join a room with friends and battle it out
on the leaderboard: the more dots the higher your score, but a death will subtract 3

in campaign mode, play through a few levels where you can explore the storyline
of chase, completing quests to save your village from angry goblins.


sneakers: gain a speed boost.

portal: teleport to a random location on the map.

pickaxe: dig through the walls.

blindfold: temporarily become invisible to the goblins.

bomb: kill the nearest goblin.


hey, we're a group of 3 aussie students who did this as a school project (though way more time was spent on it outside of class than in). if you'd like to check out some of the other stuff one of us has built, head over to dragonwocky's website.

game over